Sara works with the Momic Project

The Swedish midwife, Sara Törnquist, is working with the Karolinska Institute’s Momic project at Kinondo Kwetu Medical center. This project aims at developing a digital method to diagnose cervical cancer. As there are not pathologists to be found to serve the demand, women with cervical cancer do not get a diagnosis.

In this project Kinondo Kwetu Medical center examines women for cervical cancer. The examination is done both in the traditional way and digitally, using the Momic microscope.

This blog post is written by Sara:

  "I am so happy!" She gives me a warm hug. Not what one might expect after you have taken a pap smear of someone! Most of us who have been going for our screenings know it is not the most pleasant experience. But, here, where most women have gone through obstetric abuse, and other types of abuse, the feeling of being respected and truly cared for can make an experience like taking a pap smear an empowering experience. Many women look very reserved when they come to us. But after a little while, when we have showed them our model of the uterus, cervix and vagina, most of them lean in and really listens. We show them the examination chair, we let them feel the brush, and explain carefully every step of the procedure. 

 The MoMic project has reached a total 699 patients. Not only have we reached above the target number. We have also treated women for different types of  cervical cell abnormalities, genital warts, STIs, bacterial vaginitis, candidiasis, infertility, etc.

It would be highly unethical to discover different types of disease and issues and do nothing about it. In a health care system where many poor just have to live with many times easily treatable diseases, it feels great to just do what is right!


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