Financial Sustainability


The past and the future

The main purpose for the start of Kinondo Kwetu Medical Center was, and will continue to be, to provide affordable quality health care for the people in Kinondo villages, where the average income is among the lowest in Kenya.

This is a challenge. But no project that cannot support itself will survive for long.

During its first ten years Kinondo Kwetu Medical Center has grown from 10 800 patient visits in 2009 to 120 300 in 2018. It offers ante natal care, deliveries, child care, immunisations, treatment of infections, like malaria and HIV. Special clinics are offered to patients with TB and diabetes. Staff from the center do outreaches to schools, when they remove parasites, deworm the children and give them education in health and sex.

The people in Kinondo now have an affordable health care. And a good ground is built for the next step, towards financial sustainability.

With the addition of a surgical room and new wards, we expect to reach break even in 2020 as a result of the following factors;

First choice

Kinondo Kwetu Medical Center has a very good reputation and patients come from far to get health service.  We aim to keep and further strengthen this position.

Insurance patients

With the new surgical room Kinondo Kwetu Medical gets a better classification in the Kenyan system, leading to better reimbursement. The new ward also allows for inpatients, which also is reflected in higher insurance income.  The possibility to offer caesarian section will also attract more deliveries.  

Research projects

At present the center works in cooperation with Karolinska Institute in a research project, to develop a digital diagnosis method of cervical cancer. We believe that research cooperation projects may multiply in the future, due to Kinondo Kwetu’s unique position, with its well-equipped laboratory and educated staff, outside the more bureaucratic national health care.

 Cooperation projects

Kinondo Medical Center cooperates since a year with Pathfinder International, to care for 760 HIV-infected patients and to inform and educate about HIV in the villages. The work is financed by USAID, who also provides the center with a doctor and other staff.

 Laboratory and X-ray services

The national hospital and other medical centers buy laboratory and X-ray services from Kinondo Kwetu Medical center. These services expect are expected to continue to grow.