A very special microscope


This microscope is connected to a server i Helsinki.

Diagnostic experts, such as pathologists, are in high demand, particularly in many low-resource countries. In the coast province, where Kinondo Kwetu Medical center is situated, there is only one pathologist for the over six million that live there. It would be more efficient, faster and cheaper to consult a pathologist or microbiologist over a remote connection to acquire a diagnosis, potentially with the help of machine intelligence.

This is the thought behind a research project, which was initiated by Vinod Diwan, Senior Professor in Public Health at Karolinska Institute. Johan Lundin, Research Director at FIMM and Guest Professor in Medical Technology at FIMM, Finnish Institute for Molecular Medicine and Associated Researcher at Karolinska Institute, is running a research project with the aim to develop a digital diagnostic method.

Kinondo Kwetu Medical center is a partner in this project. Here we focus on the development of  the digital diagnosis of cervical cancer.

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