Med students volunteering at Kinondo Kwetu Medical Center

Fanny Wiklund and Josefin Aldén, Swedish med students, came to work at Kinondo Kwetu clinic for a month. This is their description of an ordinary day at the clinic:

Everyday we got picked up at the hotel around 8 o’clock by Mwapea, our “picky-picky driver” and taken to the clinic. Monday through Wednesday the work was focused on antenatal care and in- and out patients. On Thursdays and Fridays  a child welfare care clinic was open for immunizations mostly, but also for monthly check ups of babies. Apart from this, the delivery room and radiology services were always on-going. We learned a lot both by observing and taking part in different procedures as intravenous/intramuscular/cutanous injections, deliveries, assisting in vaginal exams, dressing wounds, taking care of in-patients, assisting in x-ray as well as ultra sound services etc.

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