Kinondo Kwetu model spreading

The TBA:s (Traditional Birth Attendants), do an important work. Before Kinondo Kwetu Medical center started its operation in 2008, they were the midwives that assisted the mothers at their deliveries, at home, in primitive huts. At that time, the mortality rate among mothers and babies was high. The challenge was to get the mothers to come to the clinic for antenatal care and delivery. It is easy to understand that this was not in the interest of the TBA:s, who feared losing their job. So there was a strong resistance.
Now, they are working for Kinondo Kwetu Medical center, with the task to identify pregnant mothers in the villages, to bring them to the clinic in the 4th month of pregnancy and to act as birth companions during the delivery. Every first Thursday of the month, they meet at Kinondo Kwetu clinic for information and education.
H & B Agerup foundation has studied this model of cooperation with TBA:s at Kinondo and will now implement it in Tanzania, a work for which they have received funding.

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