Our Mission:

A Better Life...


...for the people in Kinondo villages in southern Kenya, through affordable quality health care and education.

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Our Mission

We save lives and improve the quality of life for the people in Kinondo villages, where the average income is among the lowest in Kenya.

And, through sponsorships, we support the education of children from Kinondo.

In 2008, there was no affordable health care available for the villagers in Kinondo. There were children that were deaf due to untreated and repeated ear infections. Many children were plagued by the jigger parasite and the malaria mortality rate was high. Babies were delivered in primitive homes with the support of traditional birth attendants with no medical education. The mortality among mothers and babies was high. People suffering from malaria, HIV, TB and diabetes did not get any proper treatment.

That is why we built Kinondo Medical center in 2008.


Our Impact

During its 10 years, Kinondo Kwetu Medical Center has improved the general health of the inhabitants in Kinondo villages;
- All babies are immunised.
- The mortality rate among mothers, infants and children has been brought down significantly.
- Pregnant women come for antenatal visits to the center, which has brought down the number of stillborn babies.
- There are no more home deliveries in Kinondo.
- Malaria infections are cured and do not result in death, unless there is complication caused by another disease.
- Patients suffering from HIV, TB and diabetes are treated, resulting in a great improvement of their life quality.
- Babies born by HIV-positive mothers are not infected and stay negative.
- The jigger parasite that causes fatigue and pain among the school-going children, has been almost extinguished.

Through sponsorships children from Kinondo have got access to high school.

Through support from Kinondo Kwetu Trust fund, Kinondo Primary school has been able to hire more teachers for their very big classes, and can serve food to the nursery children. We also provide school uniforms to children whose parents cannot afford to pay.


120 332

patient visits in 2018

The number of patient visits has grown from 10 800 in 2009. This is due to the high quality of the service offered. Patients come from far to get care at Kinondo Medical center.


1 104

babies were born at the facility in 2018

In 2019, we will be able to assist at complicated deliveries, thanks to the surgical room that is planned to be ready in the first quarter of 2019.



out of 82 children born by HIV-positive mothers have celebrated their 18 month birthday free from HIV.

Since 2015, 320 HIV-positive women have been enrolled in the mentor mother program to promote safe childcare and to ensure that babies born from HIV-positive mothers are not infected.


Get Involved

Do you want to contribute to the work of Kinondo Kwetu Medical center? For 60 USD you can pay one year’s health insurance for a family. And the center gets paid for its work.

Do you want to support the studies of a child from Kinondo? One years high school study costs 450 USD.

Do you want to make a general donation to Kinondo Kwetu Trust fund?


Make a Donation

The total sum of your donation will go to the cause you choose to support.

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